Welcome 2016 Summer Team !!!

Important Announcements


Starting Saturday, June 25th, we are switching to the Summer Schedule. Please make sure to familierize yourself with the new schedule. All practices are at Bridgewater. In addition, we have added a morning option for each group. Swimmers in that group can attend morning OR afternoon, but not both.


Parent Volunteer Assignments:

The Red Team, White Team and Officials work schedules are all posted and final. Please go to the Meet area to view all schedules.At this point it is your responsibility to find a replacement otherwise be fined $25 per incident. Failure to pay the fine will result in not being invited to the team next summer.

Important Dates



Saturday, June 18th First Dual Meet Home vs Roycefield (meet is being held at Roycefield, but we are home team)
Saturday, June 18th PRACTICE CHANGES

Changes are only for June 18th.

10 years of age or younger: 8:30-9a Dry Land on the track, 9-10a swim
11 years of age or older: 10-11a swim, 11-11:40a dry land on the track
are all at RVCC

Wednesday, June 22th White Team Dual Meet

Away at Lakeridge. Be there by 5:30p at the latest.













Contacts: Head Coach - Shannon Hood (Moss): svybluedolphins@gmail.com

Assistant Coaches